The Music Academy

Welcome to The Music Academy

The Music Academy is a not-for-profit community school of music dedicated to providing high quality, affordable instruction and performance opportunities to academy students, regardless of age or ability. It is the mission of The Music Academy to inspire in students a life-long love of music and the arts. The Music Academy is a member of the National Guild of Community Arts Education. As a Guild school, we believe the arts are fundamental. We believe excellent instruction and expert individual education in the arts continue to be an important and vital factor in the welfare of all people. We believe the arts give meaning and wholeness to all human existence, extending from the life of the individual to the community and ultimately to our entire civilization. Thus, it must follow the pursuit of the arts is the rightful heritage of every individual and not the privilege of the gifted few. Therefore, in this as in every other sphere of human activity, the highest quality of artistic endeavor must be made accessible to all interested persons.