The Music Academy

Early Childhood Classes

Prelude: Music for the Young Child, 6 months – 4 years

All children are musical. Music is a language; children learn by listening, then trying out sounds, words, and phrases. And they learn best when they’re having fun. In The Music Academy’s Prelude early ??????????????childhood music classes, the natural joy children find in playing with music is emphasized. Our curriculum integrates the philosophies and methodologies of world-renowned early childhood educators: Kodaly, Orff, Gordon, and Suzuki, among others. Our artist teachers have also completed Music Together! and Kindermusik teacher training.

Parents and significant caregivers also play an important role in our Prelude classes. (Yes, all parents are musical too!) You are vital in activating and nurturing your child’s love of music and musical development. Through Prelude, you’ll begin to see your children and music in a new way. You will grow along with your child.

Unlike other programs, we strive to connect families with making music rather than consuming it. Prelude is not geared to selling you CDs, tapes, or merchandise. Our classes are about music education, plain and simple. Prelude is a joyful way to increase your child’s self-confidence, broaden your parenting skills, and deepen your parent/child bond.

Two ten-week Prelude semesters are offered beginning each September and January. One eight-week Prelude session is offered beginning in June. Morning and evening classes are offered. Classes are limited in size. A parent or other caregiver is required to participate with the child; one child per caregiver, please.

Tuition is very affordable (best deal in town) at $85 per semester. Call (815) 986-0037 for more information or registration material.

Spring Prelude Flyer: Prelude Spring 2018 flyer

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