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About The Music Academy

Since its founding in 1985, The Music Academy has successfully motivated and inspired more than 35,000 young people with high-quality music instruction. Our non-profit community music school is based in an historic, centrally located neighborhood at Loreen Hall, and we also provide partner programs at eight locations throughout Rockford. Our highly skilled artist faculty members provide a multi-level, articulated curriculum to youth – from newborns to teens and also to adults.

Student scholarship and financial aid provided by the Music Academy Foundation, the fund raising arm of the school, make the programs more accessible and affordable. The Music Academy transforms the lives of Rockford area students by providing the highest quality music education – inspiring them to achieve their full musical and personal potential.

Mikey Rodriquez, class of 2014, violin student since age four and Boylan High School graduate represents well the kind of personal potential realized by Music Academy students. He is part of a team of students who developed a bionic hand using 3D graphics for a young Chicago girl. The hand is constructed of plastic parts and cost less than $5.00 to produce. Mikey intends to major in Physics and Engineering and continue to play his violin at Augustana College in the fall.

Kodai Speich is a 10 year old piano and violin student at Music Academy. He began music instruction at age three. Kodai recently won the Boone Winnebago Regional Spelling Bee and secured a spot to compete at the Scripps National Spelling Bee. His Washington Academy teacher describes him as “…an exceptional student. He is a musician, so he’s used to practice and performance.” The Music Academy teaches our students to become their own best teachers. Kodai already does just that! He represents the work of the Music Academy well.

The Music Academy is a member of the National Guild of Community Arts Education. As a Guild school, we believe the arts are fundamental. We believe excellent instruction and expert individual education in the arts continue to be an important and vital factor in the welfare of all people. We believe the arts give meaning and wholeness to all human existence, extending from the life of the individual to the community and ultimately to our entire civilization. Thus, it must follow that pursuit of the arts is the rightful heritage of every individual and not the privilege of the gifted few. Therefore, in this as in every other sphere of human activity, the highest quality of artistic endeavor must be made accessible to all interested persons.

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Celebrating 29 years of service to community by nurturing musical and personal potential.