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Nurturing  Parents: Thoughts from Dr. Suzuki

“The fate of the child is in the  hands of his parents.”

“It is necessary to be concerned about the importance of educating really beautiful human spirit.”

“Children learn to smile from their parents.”

“Everything depends upon you.”

“What does not exist in the environment will not develop in the child.  By no means only words or music, but everything, good or bad is absorbed by the child.”

“Creating desire in your child’s heart is the parent’s duty.”

“Don’t hurry, don’t rest. Without stopping, without haste, carefully taking one step at a time will surely get you there.”

“Parents who recognize their child’s potential  ability are good parents.”

“It is your duty to raise your child to become a noble human being.”

“Wrong education and upbringing produces ugly personalities, where as a fine upbringing and good education will bring forth superior sense and feeling, as well as nobility and purity of mind.”

Compiled by Marylou Roberts,

Suzuki Guitar Teacher, Ann Arbor, Michigan